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Skill Build to be an Elestra

Flame Burst:Level 5 To enable the fire skills for Elemental Lord 
Glacial Spike: Level 5 To enable the ice skills for Elemental Lord
Poison: Max level. One of the best and easiest skill to spam. Starting at level 12 or 13 three spores are shot instead of two.
Shock Wave: Level 1 Just as a defense skill. Knock back any enemy that tries to come near you.
Mana Flow: Level 1. Free skill lol.
Counter Spell: Max. Allows you to get back on your feet when knocked down.
Aerial Evasion: Max. Allows you to jump in mid air when being attacked to possibly avoid any further hits
Blink:Max. Allows you to teleport a certain distance so that you can dodge or just to travel faster.
Escape: Max. Allows you to teleport while being attacked regardless the position you are in. This is the best evasion skill sorceress gets.
Mental Mastery:Level 2 to unlock Mental Training.
Mental Training: Level 1 to unlock Mana Payback

Flame Spark: Level 1 This is great to add delay on opponents. It helps chain a lot of combo's while moving on your feet.
Fireball: Max. One of my favorite skills to use. It almost has infinite range. Aim takes practice. Extremely powerful. You can also blink to escape when you are charging.
Inferno: Level 3 Just to unlock Firewall
Firewall: Level 2 Just to unlock Fire Shield. This is also a great defensive skill to use. It has decent super-armor
Fire Shield: Max. Allows me to tank almost everything.
Flame Rod: Max. Allows me to travel fast/long distances. Also one of Elemental Lords strongest skills.
Freezing Sword: Max. This is Elestras main skill. It does great damage and slows your opponent. Also level 11 is needed to unlock EX
Freezing Field:Level 3 Just to unlock Ice Stab. I do use this quite often because of the range and it slows enemy movement for a while.
Frozen Spikes: Level 2 Great damage, slows enemy movements, and allows you to chain a lot of skills afterwards. I find this to be a very good defense skill. Just cast and it will stay in the area for a few seconds. During that duration, you can cast other skills.
Freezing Shield: Max. Allows me to tank almost everything. Having maxed both fire/ice shield and having Ice Barrier allows me to be a tank. Everyone always tells me i'm wasting points until they see me fight. I can take huge amounts of damage and that gives me more chances to deal great damage after opponent has spammed their skills.
Mana Surge: Let's me spam and I never have to worry about MP. Also definitely recommended for SDN since pots aren't allowed (unless you want to spend $ on special SD pots)
Chilling Mist: Maxed. Big area of effect that slows your opponent. It's strong!
Blizzard: I prefer Vortex, but after the KRDN update, blizzard freezing rate will triple. Also don't want to spend 10 SP points to learn a second ultimate

Ice Barrier: Level 3. Max is level 2, however I have a skill ring +1. This is great in absorbing damage. Unlike fire/ice shield, you won't be delayed when being hit. It also freezes nearby enemies once the barrier is destroyed.
Ice Spear:  Max. Great defensive skill that shoots in all direction and freezes them at 40% chance. Does huge amount of damage on big monsters. 
Icy Shards EX: Max. This is the skill that makes Elestra's special. Increases the area of effect by A LOT! Also adds 30% damage.

Ancient Totten Sets.. Lvl 50 :

This is the Other Skill Build Elestra:


cara cepat mengumpulkan GOLD

Hari gini masih nyari Cheat Gold DragonNest? lupakan! ini ada tips buat kalian" semua yang udh putus asa nyari GOLD...


1. hunt yang rajin dan buatlah Char yang kira" berguna buat Nest atau buat Booster.

2. untuk kalian yang level 32 kebawah, minta GB in sma OM" atau Tante" aja di calderock kasih imbalan biar dia mau, kalian level up, Gold kalian juga level up. lho? kok? ya iyalah, inget ya (WAJIB) memungut saat hunting.

3. jika kalian udh punya GOLD diatas 50.. misalnya udh 62Gold, simpan Gold kalian 50 di Bank kalian, otomatis kalian bakal mikir dan ngerasain Gold kalian sedikit banget, akhirnya kalian Hemat deh.

4. usahain kalo buka Trading House, nyari" barang, yang selektif + jangan konsumtif, apalagi pas nyari accesories, kalian nyari cincin epic, tapi kalian udh punya yang Opt MPW atau Atck, eh, kalian malah beli yg Int atau Str, sementang bedanya jauh bnget, alhasil, saat kalian unseal tu cincin, kalian pakai, jeng jeng, tadi nya MPW atau Atck kalian 1600, menjadi 1560.. waaaa! Rugiiii! jadi Selektif ya :D

5. jika kalian udh level 40, otomatis kalian bosen kan? dari pada ke Colo, mending buat char baru yang belum kalian buat, atau gak Nest aja terus sampe limit, cari" sampah Nest, jika kalian buat char yang belum kalian buat, pasti kalian penasaran dan keterusan, alhasil, tu char baru kalian jadi dewa deh, dan ikutin step 1 - 4, jadi sama aja kalian invest, paling rugi 200an Gold buat modalin tu char baru.. tapi Liat HASIL nya... bisa 2 - 3X lipat lho... buktikan!
6. Kalo kalian emng tipe orang yang konsumtif, ada 1 cara, buat char baru, kalo Gold kalian udh kerasa lebih dari 100an gold, kirim sekitar 80-85Gold ke char baru kalian, dan simpen di Bank, alhasil lama" kalian lupa kalo ada Gold, pas kalian buka.. ternyata ada banyak Gold nya.. kirim lagi deh..

7. Buktikan yaa...